Virtual reality and exoskeletons help paraplegic patients walk again

The combination of electric exoskeletons and virtual reality can help paraplegics recover some of the control of paralyzed limbs. The new study's scientific report showed how eight patients were affected, but all were diagnosed with complete spinal cord injury. The patient did not respond to prior treatment.
Patient participation for 12 months involves immersive virtual reality training, visual tactile feedback, and a specially designed lower extremity exoskeleton walking training program. Following this plan, all patients showed signs of recovery from voluntary muscle function following spinal cord injury. The patient also recovered some degree of bladder and bowel control and improved cardiovascular function. Of the participants who were originally classified as fully paralysed, four were reclassified as having incomplete paraplegia and less severe forms of spinal cord injury.

The use of exoskeleton mechanization and virtual reality headsets in today's research report says that their work shows that, for the first time, long-term brain-computer interface techniques can lead to recovery of neurological function in severe spinal cord injuries. The researchers also reported on the patient's brain wave patterns and informed the new neural connections that are making significant changes throughout the study.
Researchers say their findings may have a significant impact on the recovery of spinal cord injuries. They believe that their findings may have a significant impact on the recovery of paraplegics.

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