The petrochemical industry's quality and competitiveness have steadily improved

The AQSIQ released a few days ago. According to the calculation of relevant data from more than 250,000 manufacturing companies across the country, the national manufacturing quality competitiveness index for the year 2010 was 82.57, an increase of 0.43 compared with 2009. The further improvement of the quality competitiveness of the manufacturing industry has laid a solid foundation for changing the pattern and adjusting the structure during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period.

The data shows that in 2010, the technological level of China’s manufacturing products continued to increase, and the intensity of the adoption of international standards and foreign advanced standards by manufacturing companies continued to increase. At the same time, the quality management base has been significantly improved, and the number of manufacturing companies that have obtained certifications for quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management systems has grown rapidly. In terms of sub-industries, the quality competitiveness index of 20 industries in 29 manufacturing industries has improved, and the industries with a high level of quality competitiveness index and steady growth include chemical raw materials and chemical product manufacturing, and the quality competitiveness index. This was 84.42, an increase of 0.71 compared with 2009; in the chemical fiber manufacturing industry, the index was 82, an increase of 0.01. The oil processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing industry index was 79.2, the rubber product industry index was 83.36, the plastics product industry index was 76.96, and the quality competitiveness index was down. From a regional point of view, the eastern region continues to maintain its leading position, and the quality competitiveness of the central region has significantly increased.

It is reported that the Quality Competitiveness Index (QCI) is an economic and technical indicator that reflects the overall level of China's manufacturing quality competitiveness. It was first released in September 2006 and has become one of the effective measures for the implementation of quality macro management in China.

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