The gear swing amount is too large and affects the normal meshing of the gear teeth.

Pre-tightening of bearing and bearing clearance of main and passive gear bearings If the pre-tightening of the bearing is not enough, the axial clearance is large, it will cause serious impact when starting shifting, and the gear teeth will be damaged. When reversing, the rear axle of the driving gear will bear Most axial forces, bearings are vulnerable. If the pre-tightening of the driven gear bearing is not enough, it will easily cause the fastening bolt to loosen and be sheared. The gear swing amount is too large and affect the normal meshing of the gear teeth; if the pre-tightening degree is too large, the bearing will be burned out. When inserting the outer ring of the bearing, due to the deflection of the insert, there are burrs and dirt, etc., the outer ring of the bearing is not assembled to the end, the bearing clearance has a large change after working for a period of time, and when adjusting the axial clearance, it is often caused Inaccurate adjustment with oil seal, so that the axial clearance exceeds the specified range, causing early damage. If the gap is too large, the impact load of the gear teeth will increase, and the gear teeth will be broken. The backlash is too small, the lubrication is difficult, and the wear is intensified. The car should check the gap every time it travels for a certain distance. To prevent abnormal wear and tear.
The meshing impression is the contact point of the two teeth during the meshing process and is an important indicator for measuring the quality of the two teeth. If the impression is biased to a certain part, the contact stress will be concentrated, pitting and gluing will occur easily, the transmission will be unstable, the noise will be increased, and the gear teeth will be easily broken. The adjustment of the meshing impression is performed simultaneously with the adjustment of the meshing gap. When there is a contradiction between the two, it is important to ensure that the imprint marks are engaged. The use of liquid anaerobic adhesive locking fasteners is a one-component, slow-curing liquid glue that retains its gel when in contact with air. Once the air is isolated, it undergoes a gelation reaction and solidifies to fill the joint. The gap is achieved by the purpose of locking the seal. The locking piece used for the fastening bolt of the reducer is made of low carbon steel with little carbon content. Under the impact load, plastic deformation will occur to reduce the tightening torque. Therefore, anaerobic locking rubber is often used instead of the locking piece.

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