Shandong Golden Penglai Hexi Gold Mine Concentrator

Penglai City Hexi Gold Mining Co., Ltd. is located in Penglai City, southeast and Qixia City, Fushan District, adjacent to the south with the same three highways, north and Wei Wu highway exit nearby, Shandong is a large gold producers. The company was founded in August 1993 and was reorganized into a limited company in August 2003. At present, it has a large-scale production enterprise integrating exploration, mining, mineral processing and smelting. The company now has 1,500 employees, more than 60 engineers and technicians, and 12 senior geological engineers.

The company has seven legal exploration areas with an area of ​​55 square kilometers. Each year, the amount of drilling engineering is more than 6,000 meters, and the depth of the pit is more than 8,000 meters. The geological prospecting is carried out, and the newly added gold reserves are 1,000 kilograms per year. At present, the mine maintains 680,000 tons of geological reserves and 6,000 kilograms of gold metal. It can still serve for 20 years. From the current mine geological conditions and the ore-forming geological conditions and drilling conditions of the mining area, the prospect of mine resources is far-reaching. It is expected that the prospective gold reserves will be 54 tons. The company has good prospects for development.

The company has four mining areas, three main production shafts, a depth of 300 meters and a mining capacity of 600 tons per day. In the construction of a 600-meter deep mining shaft, the mining capacity will reach 1,000 tons / day. The mining method is shallow hole mining method. Has the main equipment: 20 cubic air compressor, winch, 7555 rock drill , JT1200/1024 type hoist winch, 0.55V type ore transport, etc., the mine reserves can serve 20 years, the mining depletion rate is 20%, the loss rate is 4% . The company has two concentrating plants with a mineral processing capacity of 1,000 tons/day, and the selected ore grade is 5g/ton, and the ore recovery rate is 96%. The flotation is selected by flotation + re-election. The main equipments are crusher , ball mill , classifier and flotation machine, shaker and thickener. It can produce more than 1000 kg of gold per year.

The company has a modern smelting plant, which can smelt concentrate powder of 30,000 tons per year. It has strong liquidity, credit, quick settlement to customers, and recovery rate and other indicators are leading in the same industry in China.

Mr. Wang Zhiqiang, the chairman of the board, together with all the staff, is willing to keep up with the times and forge ahead with you, and to create a brilliant future for the beautiful future of Penglai Hexi Gold Mine Co., Ltd.

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