Sanitation cleaning car diversity

The construction of city appearance and environmental sanitation, the creation of clean and beautiful urban work and living environment, and the promotion of urban socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization will greatly promote the country’s overall ability. Environmental cleaning vehicles are one of the most important facilities for improving the urban environment. Environmental sanitation facilities and road cleaning facilities for the cleaning, collection, transportation, and disposal of domestic waste are of utmost importance.


Sanitation cleaning trucks include sprinklers, high-pressure cleaning vehicles, etc. The municipality now chooses multi-functional high-pressure cleaners to collect more and collects high-pressure cleaning, sprinkler trucks, and sewage suction in one multifunctional cleaning vehicle. The following describes in detail several types of sanitation vehicles, multi-purpose road maintenance three-wheel high-pressure washing truck, the main technical parameters are as follows, model: XY-GYCX1500, dimensions: 4050 × 1450 × 2040mm, front track / rear track: 1200/1200mm , Wheelbase: 2130mm, vehicle quality: 1400kg, rated load: 1000kg, water tank capacity: 1500L, flushing pressure: 24Mpa. Rated occupant: 2 people, rated voltage: 48V, motor power: 4.2kw. 4.2kw. 4.2kw. The VS series of urban advertising cleaners introduce foreign advanced technologies for high pressure cleaning, which are mainly used for urban public facilities cleaning and urban public environmental governance. Its ejection pressure can reach 275kg/cm2, and it has the functions of high-pressure cleaning, flushing and strong sandblasting, etc. It is widely used in urban small advertising cleanup, urban public facilities cleaning, urban public environmental governance and other fields.

The specific application areas include: 1. Paste paper indiscriminately, self-adhesive-type urban small advertisements, and chaotic drawings, ink-jet paints, and urban advertisements. 3, road barrier, bridge parapet, urban sculpture and other urban facilities heavy oil, dirt and other post. 4, square, pedestrian street, sidewalks, restaurants, food stalls and other oil flushing 4, lampposts, telephone poles, billboards, stop signs and other cleaning. BYD's new energy sweeper has the following advantages: 1. It adopts the world's first motor and drive integrated bridge assembly technology, and creatively integrates drive motors, automatic transmissions and drive axles, with compact structure, smoother drive, and improved performance. Transmission efficiency. It saves the space of the car body and is conducive to the layout of the power battery; 2. It uses its own independent motor to drive the mounted fans, pumps and oil pumps, and integrates the top loading control system into the vehicle controller to make the whole vehicle operation control more concise and the operation process more efficient. Passenger reliability is further improved.

With the development of modern technology and science and technology, the types of sanitation trucks are becoming more and more numerous. They are compact and lightweight, they are tall and powerful, and they have new energy and pure electric power. Different cleaning vehicles are used for different facilities. Make work more focused and more efficient.

Rail Track Measurement

The irregularities present in the track are the primary causes of vibration and these should be identified and the faults rectified to increase the safety of train travel. In this paper, a differential evolution technique based track measurement system is proposed to measure the health of the track. The abnormality of the track has been measured using micro electro mechanical system accelerometers which are mounted in the axle box. A new sensing method is used to estimate the exact location of the irregularity even when the signal is absent.

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