Old drivers share rainy days driving considerations

In summer, precipitation in many areas of our country is relatively large, and many times are accompanied by sudden heavy rain, and people are caught off guard. In rainy days, it is necessary to be more careful. Rainfall weather often affects the driver's eyesight, and the visibility and visual field range are greatly reduced. Therefore, the probability of a traffic accident occurring during a rainstorm is also greatly increased. Here's a look at the old driver's own experience sharing about rainy day driving precautions!

First of all, in rainy weather, it is not advisable for riders to drive aside because most of the urban roads in China are designed to be relatively high in the middle and slightly lower on both sides. Therefore, the drainage on both sides of the road is often relatively poor, when the rainfall is relatively large. Water is easily formed on both sides of the road. In the rainstorm, the visibility of the driver's field of vision will often be affected, so it is difficult to accurately determine the depth of the accumulated water. In this case, it is very dangerous to choose to drive by the sidelines. It is very likely that some of the roadside drainage outlets will Affects the normal driving of the vehicle.

Secondly, when driving on a rainy day, you must keep calm and try to avoid the situation of emergency braking. Many owners often see emergency water in front of them when they are driving in rainy weather. In fact, this kind of emergency brake behavior is very dangerous, especially when there is moisture between the brake disc and the brake pad, the emergency brake can easily cause the vehicle to slip, or both sides of the brake appear unbalanced, when serious It may cause the vehicle to slip.

Finally, when driving in the rain, it is not recommended that the owners open the bright twin flashes. It is best to open the vehicle's fog lights. Because the fog lamp of the vehicle itself is not used for lighting, the fog lamp beam is relatively divergent. It will not give the other owners a feeling of discomfort during the driving process, and at the same time, it can greatly open up. The scope of your own vision. This will not only help to ensure its own safety, but also help ensure the safety of others.

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