Mei Feng Jia Lan actively participates in industry activities to help logistics growth

Recently, the Guangzhou Juli Supply Chain Chamber of Commerce held the annual conference of the Chamber of Commerce in Jingfengyuan Hotel with pleasant scenery. More than 200 members of the chamber of commerce participated and Sichuan Meifeng attended the conference with the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce.
Guangzhou Juli Supply Chain Association Guangzhou Juli Supply Chain Association

As a guest unit, Sichuan Meifeng is the second time to participate in the Guangzhou Juli Chamber of Commerce. In March 2016, Guangzhou Juli was established and this mid-year conference, Sichuan Meifeng has always been a member of the high-quality urea suppliers, accompanied by the gradual growth of member companies and chambers of commerce.

At the meeting, Meifengjia Lanhua South Regional Manager explained the current status of the environment, national policies, Sichuan Meifeng, and Meifeng plus blue car urea to let participants know the necessity of car urea and select high-quality vehicle urea. The importance of

As a responsible listed company of Sinopec, Sichuan Meifeng has always insisted on natural gas as raw material and integrated production technology to produce high-quality car urea, which has become the recognition of domestic first-line logistics companies such as Debang, Tiandi Huayu and Jingdong.

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