LED lighting fixtures should fully demonstrate the uniqueness of the application area

The safety and reliability of the "Hardware Network" lighting equipment plays a very important role in safeguarding its production development. Since the production and operation sites are mostly flammable and explosive hazardous areas, this determines the unique requirements for lighting products. LED lighting fixtures are mainly used in the following areas:
The petrochemical plant area is mainly outdoor or indoor equipment such as towers, tanks, pipelines, etc. The local lighting area is instrument equipment or pedestrian passages. The height of the lamps is generally 2-4 meters, and the illumination requirement is generally about 20 LUX. Because most of the area is Zone 1 or Zone 0, the explosion-proof performance requirements of the lamps are extremely strict. The basic requirements are above the explosion-proof grade, mostly for outdoor areas. The lamps are required to have good waterproof and corrosion resistance, and most of the areas are several meters or even High-altitude areas of 100 meters, high temperature and high pressure, and the replacement and maintenance of lamps are extremely difficult. Before the appearance of LED lamps, the low-pressure self-ballasted mercury lamps or the increased-enhanced explosion-proof fluorescent lamps used by enterprises have low explosion-proof grade, low waterproof performance and low light efficiency, especially the short life of the light source, poor safety and frequent replacement. The large amount of maintenance causes many high-altitude operations, and there are accidents such as electric shock and falling from high altitude, so there are major safety hazards. The intrinsic safety and long life of LED luminaires have completely solved this problem. The safety requirements of the industry determine the application potential of LED luminaires.
LED lighting fixtures expand the application field to fully demonstrate the uniqueness of daily maintenance and emergency lighting. Mainly pipelines, equipment inspections, emergency emergencies and other mobile explosion-proof LED lamps. Previously used halogen battery bulbs as light source for dry battery portable lamps, they not only have low explosion-proof performance, short lamp life, large dry battery consumption, low brightness, and short working time. LED explosion-proof flashlights and LED explosion-proof searchlights have become the new favorite of petrochemical workers with their high brightness, long working hours and maintenance-free, and have gradually eliminated those traditional emergency lights. Installation height is 3.6 meters, three different light source typical lamps: 125W self-ballasted mercury lamp, 2*20W fluorescent lamp, 19W LED lamp. The test comparison data is: illuminance and power illuminance comparison data within the effective 4 m diameter range. From the above two sets of data, LED lamps have great advantages in the petrochemical industry, which is only from the perspective of illumination and energy saving. of. If you count the safety benefits and social benefits of using LED lamps.
The indoor equipment area such as the pump house is mainly indoor equipment such as pumps, and the lighting area is equipment and instruments. The height of the lamps is generally 4-6 meters, and the illumination requirement is about 30 LUX. Because most of the area 1 or even 0 area, the explosion-proof and waterproof performance requirements of the lamps are also very strict, and the illumination of the facilities is a lot of dead angles. The previous lighting fixtures are bulky and complicated to install, resulting in uneven illumination and glare. The small size and natural white light of the LED luminaire make installation and maintenance easy, and the lighting place is concise and comfortable.

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