Installing a high-pressure safety valve is not an easy task. Are you ready?

High pressure safety valve is a kind of safety protection valve, its opening and closing parts are normally closed under the external force. It is divided according to the structure, to be divided into vertical hammer, lever type, spring type and pilot type; According to the valve body structure to points, can be divided into closed and not closed two. The following is a high-pressure safety valve installation should pay attention to the matter: 1, the rated evaporation greater than 0.5t / h of the boiler, installed at least two safety valves; rated evaporation less than or equal to 0.5t / h of the boiler, at least A safety valve; for boilers with a rated steam pressure less than or equal to 3.82MPa, the throat diameter of the safety valve shall not be less than 25mm; for boilers with a rated steam pressure greater than 3.82MPa, the throat diameter of the safety valve shall not be less than 20mm. 2, high-pressure safety valve should be installed vertically in pot, set the highest position. Between safety valve and drum or header, there shall be no steam outlet pipe and valve. 3, lever-type safety valve to prevent movement of the hammer device and limit the lever over the guide rails, spring-type safety valve to enhance the handle and prevent the screw to adjust the screw device. 4, high-pressure safety valve and boiler connection pipe, the cross-sectional area of ​​not less than the safety valve inlet cross-sectional area. If several safety valves are installed together on a short tube connected directly to the drum, the cross-sectional area of ​​the short tube should not be 1.25 times the discharge area of ​​all safety valves. 5, safety valve should generally be installed exhaust pipe, exhaust pipe should be through a safe place, and have sufficient cross-sectional area to ensure that the exhaust gas flow. Safety valve exhaust pipe should be installed at the bottom of the positon has received a safe place of the hydrophobic pipe, the exhaust pipe and the hydrophobic pipe are not allowed to install the valve.

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