How to distinguish the quality of used car engines

For the purchase of used car consumers, most of the concern is second-hand car engine problem. The engine is the heart of the car and is directly related to the condition of the car. Today, I will briefly introduce to you how to identify the quality of the used car engine. I hope to help you.

1, remove the exhaust pipe and air filter when the ground test.

Cause: If the mixing ratio is improper, the valve clearance is wrong, and the ignition is not correct, there will be carburetor back injection and exhaust vents. Pay attention to the judgments in this, because there are possibilities. Some simply need to adjust, and some must be repaired. However, if you didn't do this before, if you feel that the sound of the engine is strange at this time, then don't mind, that's it.

2, look at the spark plug before launch, there is a number of hearts.

The reason, if the spark plug quality is not good, you may make a return, and if you have enough level, the state of the spark plug can reflect the original state of the engine.

3, fill the tank full of water.

Cause: Some engine cylinder head gaskets are leaking and they are not noticeable if water is not added.

4. Discard all engine oil, add new engine oil after washing with engine cleaner, and do not add any additives.

Reasons: Some old engines are worn out, and there are problems with engine oil and loud noise. After adding engine oil or repair agents, the viscosity of the oil is increased, which to some extent conceals the truth. However, such a car in the winter is not very good to start.

5, four-stroke engine is best to open the cylinder head to see the valve tappet wear.

Cause: The valve lifter rubs against the camshaft for a long period of time. Its condition is very reflective of the age of the engine. The more pitting above, the more the machine becomes older. And it is easy to remove the cylinder head without any impact on engine performance. But it's best to do this after the engine is removed.

6, two-stroke vehicle to see if the exhaust valve turn is not agile.

Reason: This gadget is very important for the performance of the car.

7, listen to the sound, do not stand on the edge of the light, you have to take the roots against the engine.

Reason: If the machine feels bad, it will always tell you. It depends on whether or not you understand it.

8, 10 minutes after the machine warm car, the crankshaft temperature should be around 65 degrees, the cylinder head temperature at 130 degrees, the exhaust port temperature should be around 220 degrees (refer to the temperature of 10 degrees), the temperature difference is greater, pay attention Conversion.

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