High precision is not the only pursuit of CNC cutting equipment

In today's popularity of CNC cutting equipment, when customers buy CNC cutting machine, often asked the most is the cutting accuracy can reach? Obviously the customer is very concerned about the cutting accuracy of the cutting machine. However, high precision should not be the sole pursuit of a CNC cutting machine. As for the reason, please listen to us slowly.

We all know that any device, even if it is more precise, has its own errors. For CNC cutting equipment, this problem also exists. In the cutting industry, due to a series of factors such as the kerf width of the cutting nozzle, even if the accuracy of the equipment is higher, there is an error of ±0.5 mm both in the CNC flame cutting machine and the CNC plasma cutting machine.

In fact, we have been talking about high-precision, high-efficiency is relative to the manual cutting before CNC cutting, and we usually say that the improvement of machining precision and efficiency of the machine is not a concept at all. Speaking of this, many customers will ask, aren't you flaunting the high-precision, high-efficiency flag to attract us to buy, and how do you say it now? In fact, many customers have misunderstood what we mean, and what we call high precision and high efficiency is relatively speaking.

For the numerical control cutting equipment, under the premise of meeting the requirements of the cutting process, the pursuit of equipment should focus on the following aspects:

First, how is the quality and reliability of CNC cutting equipment? CNC cutting machine in the cutting process because of poor working environment, dust, vibration, and other factors during operation, CNC cutting machine can meet our work needs.

Second, how is the operability of CNC cutting equipment? If the operation procedure of a CNC cutting machine is too complicated, it is obviously not suitable for the enterprises. Therefore, for CNC cutting machine manufacturers, the operability of the machine is very important.

Third, the stability of CNC cutting machine equipment. The stability mentioned here can be seen from two aspects: hardware and software. For hardware, most of the domestic manufacturers currently do not have much difference in hardware. The software is different, and the operating system compatibility of the CNC cutting machine is very important.

Fourth, how responsive is the after-sales service? We all understand the truth: any machine, even if it is more sophisticated, will have unpredictable failures. Then, in the event of a failure, the speed of the CNC cutting machine manufacturer becomes very important.

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