Glass Fiber Twist Rope

Model NO.: RS18-TR
The Detailed information of Glass Fibre Twist Rope:
Size: 3mm X3mm to 50mm X50 mm
Woking Temperature: 350° C~550° C

Fiberglass rope and braid are designed for various sealing and packing applications for up to 1000° F. Common applications include door seals or caulking material for ovens, furnaces, boilers, expansion joints. They can also be used as the core in tadpole gaskets. You can choose from our three different styles to best serve your application needs: Twisted Rope, Square Braid and Round Braid. Twisted Rope is a soft rope, while square and round braid are more dense and solid.

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cnc high speed band Sawing Machine 

the H beam size up to 1000 x 500mm with full-automation, mainly for sawing H-beams, channel beams etc, with strong rigidity bridge totally-enclosed sawing device and powerful spindle motor. It can save man-made marking process, so increases production efficiency. It saws steadily, and the sawed section is straight, with good appearance. Also, it is easy to operate, can fully satisfy customers' needs.


1. Sawing section is big with high flatness.
2. High sawing speed and no clip saw in the production.
3. The fine-tuning device at the front and rear of the saw and laser line function.
4. the machine can sawing oblique surface with rotated angle.

Sawing Machine

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