Fogang: Upgrading the quality of environmental sanitation 12 new sanitation vehicles put into use

January 18, 2013 morning, the center of the basketball court, people Fogang vehicle sirens, the roar of the engine sounded shouted, Fogang committee, county government invested 2.5 million yuan purchase of 12 vehicles went to all kinds of special sanitation each job The district officially put into use, which marks the county's mechanized operation level of sanitation to a new level.

It is reported that the 12 sanitation vehicles purchased this time include road sweepers , high-pressure cleaners , garbage compression trucks, suction trucks, and forklifts . When they are put into use, they will effectively enhance the county’s environmental sanitation operations and improve the county’s livability. The environment also made greater contributions to the county’s efforts to speed up the creation of a “National Health County” and “National Civilized County”.

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