Determination of small test flotation time

The flotation machine flotation test process in the small flotation test process, due to the solid scraping with the foam, in order to maintain the slurry surface does not reduce the addition of additional water, the pulp quality score is getting lower and lower. This change will also cause changes in the quality of all pharmaceutical agents and the properties of the foam product.

Flotation machine flotation is generally carried out at room temperature, that is, the temperature is between 15 and 30 °C. When using fatty acids flotation collector of non-sulfide ore (e.g., iron ore, fluorite, scheelite), often using steam or hot water heating.

In recent years, the separation of sulfide ore mixed concentrates has sometimes been carried out by heating flotation to improve the sorting efficiency. In these cases, you must do the test conditions flotation complex process of pulp temperature.

The flotation time is generally measured during various conditions, so the flotation time should be recorded for each test. However, after the flotation condition is selected, the flotation time inspection test can be performed. At this time, the foaming can be performed in different times.

The time of splitting can be divided into 2min, 3min, 5min, 5min, and so on until the end of flotation. The test results are plotted, the abscissa is the flotation time (min), the ordinate is the recovery (cumulative) and metal grade (accumulated).

Based on the curve, the flotation time required to achieve a certain recovery rate can be determined.

At the same time, according to the curve of the cumulative grade, the rough selection and the sweeping time can be divided. At this time, the place where the grade is significantly decreased is used as the demarcation point.

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