Dairy packaging machinery development market trends

In the dairy industry, acid milk beverages have maintained a rapid growth of more than 30% in China's dairy market for three consecutive years and have become the category with the greatest potential for development in the dairy industry. Plastic bottle packaging is the fastest growing type of container used in acidic milk beverages, and its growth rate even exceeds the growth rate of the product. Below 220ml of small packaged HDPE plastic bottle acidic milk drinks, its core consumer group is children.

After several years of painstaking efforts, tea beverages, fruit juice beverages and functional beverages have become stable and mature products in the beverage market. Now, high-speed medium-temperature hot filling technology has provided the best solution for many beverage companies, satisfying both The growth rate and safety of the products have also reduced the cost of packaging materials and operating costs for beverage companies. With the rapid development of high-speed medium-temperature hot filling machine technology, it will provide more domestic large and medium-sized beverage production enterprises with advanced, stable and reliable beverage filling machine equipment, bringing more direct cost-effectiveness.

In addition, aseptic packaging boxes and filling equipment that are used in large quantities in the dairy industry are dependent on imports. In this regard, industry experts believe that China's packaging machinery over-reliance on foreign high-end technology, has become a serious constraint to the development of China's packaging equipment industry's worries. Because the country is still at the stage of learning as a whole, it lacks the experience of flexible application. Therefore, the domestic packaging equipment industry to take the road of independent innovation is an inevitable trend.

Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

Neck & shoulder Heating Pad is a specific type of heating pad, which is used for curing pains and fatigue happening to human neck & shoulder.

It has a detachable controller, with 4 heat setting options.

Normally it will shut off automatically after 2 hours, for the sake of human safety.

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neck & shoulder heating padneck & shoulder heating pad

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