China's cable industry technicians have the world

There is a general consensus among people working in the cable industry in the country that the profit margin of the middle and low-end cable products will get lower and lower in the future. Coupled with the fluctuating prices of raw materials and increasing labor costs, the Company will further squeeze the profit margin , Until the cable manufacturer unprofitable. On the contrary, as countries launch a new round of new energy construction, high-end cable products will be very popular, and due to the high technical content of high-end cables, high R & D threshold, thus ensuring its objective profitability. However, up till now, regrettably, China's high-end market is often dominated by sole proprietorships and joint ventures. Even large-scale cable manufacturers in China can hardly demonstrate competitive advantage in the high-end market. In fact, as early as 2011 " wire and cable industry," second Five-Year "Development Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Planning") by the China Electric Wire and Cable Industry Association branch organization and release began, the domestic cable industry should be noted in advance to develop high-end Product is the future direction of the industry. For example, in the "plan", mentioned the "three goals", research projects and new product recommendations, pointed out the direction for the development of the industry. "Three goals" Maintain a steady economic growth in the industry, improve the quality and efficiency of development, promote energy conservation and emission reduction in the industry, and develop a green and low-carbon economy. By the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the sales volume of the industry will grow by 6-8% annually. Energy saving and environmental protection have been the theme of China's economic development since the "11th Five-Year Plan" period. Cable industry should make efforts to improve the green components of products and industries. Enterprises should be bigger and stronger, so refined and specialized, industrial clusters to enhance the level of development, optimize the industrial structure. Through the industrial restructuring activities such as mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, it will strive to form 2-5 large-sized enterprise groups with sales of 30-50 billion yuan and certain international competitiveness in the industry at the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan" period and form 8-15 With a sales of 10 billion yuan and professional-oriented enterprises with strong international competitiveness in the field of professional products, a group of regional cable industry clusters with distinctive products, strong manufacturing capabilities, complete supporting facilities and differentiated development are formed , Forming a group of SMEs with professional production features and regional competitive advantages. Innovation is the lifeblood of enterprises, cable companies want to enhance their competitiveness, we should strengthen independent innovation, and strive to change the mode of economic development. Strengthen the technological innovation capability of enterprises, increase the proportion of R & D personnel and proportion of R & D investment, advocate the establishment of industrial strategic technology alliance to achieve joint research and strive to realize the industrialization and breakthrough of a batch of high-end products during the 12th Five-year Plan A number of industry technical bottlenecks and product bottlenecks. Research projects In the "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan" for wire and cable industry, the cable branch lists a total of 9 research projects, which are respectively the application basis of high-voltage cross-linked cables, marine engineering cables, optical fiber preform products and their manufacturing technologies, 500KV cross-linked cables and accessories, high-voltage overhead transmission lines made of composite reinforced core material reliability and application of high solids paint and coating process, the load carrying capacity and real-time flow of research . New products development "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan" of wire and cable industry also recommended some new product development directions for all enterprises, including R & D of 220KV high voltage cable accessories, localization of Class 1E K1 cables for nuclear power plants, development and improvement of cables for aerospace industry , High-speed rail transit cable, a new type of optical fiber, a variety of optoelectronic composite cable, heat-tolerant aluminum alloy development, high voltage plastic insulated DC cable development, anti-ice wire, self-damping wire, low corona wire, Development of wire series. However, after the practice in recent years, we have also found that what is mentioned and specified in the "Plan" is obviously correct. Currently in the wire and cable market, ordinary cable market excess products, the future focus of the industry's products will tend to high-end, technical, environmental protection and low carbon special cables. Therefore, the future direction of the industry investment in the industry's high-end products, ultra-high voltage ordinary cables, special cable materials and special cables direction, including: nuclear power cables, submarine cables, oil platform cables, wind power cables, submersible pump cables , Coal mine with special cables, green cables. Taking the typical special cable as an example, the basic principle of China's 11th Five-Year Plan and power development in 2020 is to deepen the system reform, strengthen the power grid construction, vigorously develop renewable energy, optimize the development of hydropower, actively develop nuclear power and develop natural gas power according to local conditions Actively develop new energy and power generation, carry out the development of a low-carbon economy, attach importance to the protection of the ecological environment, intensify the technological transformation and increase energy efficiency. According to its plan, 27-40 1000MW nuclear power units will be realized by 2020, and the proportion of nuclear power will increase from the current 1.8% to 4% and even to 7% -8%. At present, some enterprises in the wire and cable industry have the production capacity of nuclear power cables such as Jiangsu Shangshang Cable, Qingdao Zhongnaneng Energy, Ningbo Oriental, Star Cable and Far East Cable. However, there is still a large gap in the market at present. Nuclear island Cable also need a lot of imports. At present, China's wire and cable industry, low-end high-end products in short supply, the proposed wire and cable industry should be based on national economic and industrial policy requirements and market demand, and actively adjust the product mix, vigorously develop high-end products, to seize a new industrial growth point. In conclusion, in recent years, the main business income of the industry has been steadily increasing year by year. Apart from the major impact of the financial crisis in 2009, the annual growth rate remained relatively high, with a very high annual growth rate from 2010 to 2011 Year remain at about 30%, due to the entire national economy in 2012, declined. Continued high-growth industry revenue, indicating the demand for the industry there is still some room for growth. However, in the past few years, China has invested heavily in infrastructural facilities relying solely on extensive investment to stimulate economic growth. Infrastructural facilities will not be duplicated in the short term. The investment growth in infrastructure construction in the coming countries will decline, which means that Will directly affect the overall growth rate of wire and cable industry, the future growth of wire and cable industry will decline. The good news is, with China's continuous development of new energy sources, will directly drive the demand for high-end cable products, it can be said that China's cable industry, advanced technology have the world! (Wang Ming)