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Our website: www.pepfluid.com http://www.pepfluid.com/t6c-vane-pumps-and-cartridge-kits/ (1) Check the plunger there is no scar and corrosion phenomenon, when necessary, should be replaced new.nt is a typical hydraulic machinery, driven by a prime mover, the input of mechanical energy is converted into fluid pressure energy, and then entered as pressure, flow into the system, it is the power source of the hydraulic system, because it can transport liquid under high pressure, so the industrial production and daily life in various industries have been widely used.Electric pump in the use of open air should turn the nut, turn the switch on the set of oil blocks, plug in the power, and set in the joint rapid equipped with hydraulic equipment rapid head. Press the power switch, rolling 1-2 minutes until the motor will switch into a closed pressurized state, the output will be the job of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil output increases with the load and self-boost the work carried out until 63MPA . On the diaphragm and piston Performance Comparison ????Now only the electric plug and electric airless sprayer airless sprayer estrangement compare the DC motor piston is movable piston reciprocating shares will paint inhalation, pressurized discharge, because it exposed the plunger and column Cypriot coated guess work at paint grinding effect plunger wear very quickly, once with a larger diameter nozzle plungers reciprocating frequency progress, increased plunger wear, machine life expectancy is short. And replace the plunger offer very expensive, if the voltage is not normal operation will directly cause direct current is not normal. In addition, because a significant back and forth movement of piston pump pulsation great job, so spray instability, wall roughness on spray paint is not good enough. But initial suction piston faster its interests. Estrangement airless sprayer (estrangement pump), the planning is on the piston foundation has been greatly improved, the principle of the femoral artery reciprocating motor operation (note, the piston is not in direct contact with paint), and then promote the estrangement campaign, will paint absorption pressure introduced through the nozzle sprayed coating object, because its anti-wear piston oil operations, greatly improving the working environment, life expectancy greatly improved by doping piston through hardening process is even more difficult to damage plus high resistance barrier polymer material twisted more so pump life expectancy gap further progress. Reliable pump operation is another benefit gap, the failure rate very end of the voltage request bottom, bottom to the environment request, repair simple, fifth at the mercy of the repair costs only piston pump. Estrangement pump excellent value for money, which offer excellent performance ratio will advance estrangement pump promotion. Kan Bell Airless sprayer with a number of the world's leading pioneering skills. Prime Booster TM system can use to restart in seconds and loading, handling the airless sprayer initial suction tough skill challenges, innovation of DAP IV inlet valve plan greatly reduces the valve is stuck maybe paint, plus High-power electric motor and the consolidation of a molding shell, Kan Bell sprayer can serve a variety of short duration high industry job assignments administered. Another element of the nozzle is seriously affecting the quality of the coating. Its quality was evaluated as resistance to abrasion, even atomization nozzle American worthy Bell commodity produced by carbide, wear resistance, high coating quality, offer relatively cheaper and make estrangement pump even more powerful, become the shining painting machinery By! Note describes the main parameters of the hydraulic pump Displacement, flow Displacement m3 / r Each take a turn. Its seal cavity geometry change calculated volume of liquid discharged. Theoretical flow Q0 m3 / s The pump unit time by the seal cavity geometry, changes in the calculated volume of liquid discharged. The actual flow rate Q m3 / s Flow rate at the outlet of the pump work. pressure Rated pressure Pa Under normal operating conditions, according to the test standard specifies a maximum pressure of continuous operation. Maximum pressure Pmax Pa According to test standard specifies the maximum pressure allowed short run. Operating pressure p Pa Pressure pump at work. Rotating speed Rated speed n r / min At rated pressure, to the maximum speed of continuous long-term normal operation. Maximum speed r / min At rated pressure, exceeding the rated speed and maximum permissible speed transient operation. Piston pump is the pump in one, but the whole pump industry is a typical investment-driven industries, the market demand is subjected to national macroeconomic policies, which is subject to macroeconomic policy Teyou water, construction, energy and other sectors of greater impact. Hydraulic piston pump is a piston pump, the hydraulic industry's annual output value has not reached 10 billion yuan business, even more than 500 million yuan of annual output value of only a handful of companies, with total annual sales of the entire industry not as a of total sales. When supporting industries do not have the ability to compete with foreign companies, import goods on the domestic market will be strong artificial means of control and nothing to take into account. Most of the profits of construction machinery spare parts have been removed to the fact that not only allow the host manufacturer painful and helpless. Based on this situation, OEMs as well as funds from other industries are constantly entering the hydraulic industry. Just over one billion yuan investment into the hydraulic industry. But this trend is no doubt to increase the intensity of competition within the industry, changing the original industrial structure and order. Piston