· The project "Promoting the commercial developme…

On August 31, supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly implemented the “Promotion of Chinese Fuel” jointly by the governments of Beijing, Shanghai, Hen-----

Sanitation cleaning car diversity

The construction of city appearance and environmental sanitation, the creation of clean and beautiful urban work and living environment, and the promotion of urban socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization will greatly promote the countryâ-----

The gear swing amount is too large and affects the norm…

Pre-tightening of bearing and bearing clearance of main and passive gear bearings If the pre-tightening of the bearing is not enough, the axial clearance is large, it will cause serious impact when starting shifting, and the gear teeth will be damaged. When reversing, the rear axle of the driving g-----

Seed clarity analysis of seed clarity workstation

Clarity is the percentage by weight of the net seeds of seeds and other plant seeds and impurities and the characteristics of the sample mixture. Through the analysis of the other two components, such as the net seed in the seed sample, the true amount of the clean and available seed in t-----

Mei Feng Jia Lan actively participates in industry acti…

Recently, the Guangzhou Juli Supply Chain Chamber of Commerce held the annual conference of the Chamber of Commerce in Jingfengyuan Hotel with pleasant scenery. More than 200 members of the chamber of commerce participated and Sichuan Meifeng attended the conference with the invitation of the-----

Chlorine valve structure characteristics

Chlorine-only valves are designed for chlorine (dry chlorine) and various types of high-risk media. Its seal in addition to the filler also added a bellows seal, which has a double seal structure, which can effectively prevent the leakage of hazardous media. Flapper and valve seat sealing pair is m-----

S&A chiller CW-5200 workshop

S&A chiller CW-5200 workshop CONTACT S&A TE:+86-20-89301885 FAX:+86-20-84309967 SKYPE: teyuchiller Email: Website: http:// Motorcycle Switch Motorcycle Parts Motorcycle Switch [STRICT QUALITY CONTROL]The quality of our products is hig-----