Smart lighting, high profits, global lighting manufactu…

Under the guidance of the Internet of Things, the future smart home market has the opportunity to surpass smart phones, and smart lighting will follow the smart home boom and become an important market for LED lighting. In order to get rid of the price war, the LED lighting industry has been activel-----

Shandong Golden Penglai Hexi Gold Mine Concentrator

Penglai City Hexi Gold Mining Co., Ltd. is located in Penglai City, southeast and Qixia City, Fushan District, adjacent to the south with the same three highways, north and Wei Wu highway exit nearby, Shandong is a large gold producers. The company was founded in August 1993 and was reorganized int-----

· China Automobile Association predicts that the 2018 …

From January to November, China's automobile sales reached 25.845 million units, a year-on-year increase of 3.6%. This is not far from the target of the 5% growth in 2017 predicted by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers ("CCCC"). Chen Shihua, assistant secretary-general -----

· Ford or transfer Mondeo to China for production

According to three sources quoted by Reuters, Ford Motor Company has indicated to suppliers that it plans to transfer the production of Fusion (Medical Mondeo) and Mondeo (European Mondeo) midsize sedan out of Mexico and Spain by 2020 and transfer to China comes to production. At the same time, the-----

Determination of small test flotation time

The flotation machine flotation test process in the small flotation test process, due to the solid scraping with the foam, in order to maintain the slurry surface does not reduce the addition of additional water, the pulp quality score is getting lower and lower. This change will also cause changes-----

Kaolin high gradient magnetic separation process

Kaolin HGMS process: kaolin staining impurities (e.g., hematite, etc.) has weak magnetism, it is possible to use a high gradient magnetic separator removed. In the United States, the PEM-84 wet high gradient magnetic separator can reduce Fe2O3 in kaolin ore from 0.9% to 0.6%, and Ti2O3 from 1.8% to-----

·Shanghai New Energy Vehicle Local Subsidy has not imp…

Buying pure electric passenger cars or plug-in hybrid passenger cars (including extended programs) in Shanghai, in addition to the central financial subsidies, can also enjoy the Shanghai financial subsidies of 40,000 yuan or 30,000 yuan per vehicle. Shanghai officially announced this information o-----