Atomic economic response industrialization first succes…

All the atoms of the raw materials involved in the chemical reaction are bound to the molecules of the target product. This is the core concept of the atomic economic response and also the pursuit of green chemistry. Today, this world-leading technology has been successfully applied in China. On De-----

The manufacturer's production capacity in 2008 reve…

In 2008, the Chinese auto market will develop. From the manufacturer's New Year's plan, we may see the general trend of development. Recently, Guangzhou Toyota held a business plan launch conference, which set the target for production and sales in 2008 to 210,000 vehicles. Guangzhou Honda-----

January 2 Shenyang Steel Market Price Quotes

Product name Specification Material Steel / Origin Price (yuan/ton) Than yesterday last week General line Φ6.5mm Q235 Tonghua 4300 0 -60 Common line Φ6.5mm Q235 Siping red mouth 4270 0 -60 High line Φ6.5mm Q235 pass Steel 4360 0 -60 High Line Φ10mm Q235 Tong Steel 4360 0 -60 High Line -----

Auto parts companies test water remanufacturing

“The formulation of 're-manufacturing green wealth' is an eye-opener,” Zhang Boshun, secretary-general of the China-ASIA market trade committee, recently said that the remanufacturing of auto parts is an important way for the automotive industry to develop a circular economy. -----

Hard Turning Features and Applications

0 INTRODUCTION Turning machining is the most basic, widest and most important process method in the mechanical manufacturing industry. It directly affects production efficiency, cost, energy consumption and environmental pollution. Due to the development of modern science and technolo-----

UBS: China's Auto Industry Maturity Becomes Mature

With the continuous increase of the Chinese auto industry, the acquisition and merger of Chinese autos has increasingly attracted the attention of the market. Yesterday, Wu Haifeng, an executive director of UBS Securities Securities and an analyst at the China Securities Research Department, point-----

The role of dry cutting in gear processing

The key to the role of dry cutting in gear machining lies in finding a way to replace cooling and lubrication. At present, there are two kinds of successful dry cutting methods: high speed dry cutting and low temperature cold air cutting. First, high-speed dry cutting and cold wind c-----